FREE Challange:

3 Day Journey

to feeling better in your body

Powerful techniques to reduce inflammation and reconnect with your body.


Metabolism Boost:

2 Week Jump Start!

Reduce inflammation and boost your metabolism

This one to one coaching container will give you the guidance, support and accountability make the shift to feeling better in your body. With these delicious and easy to follow meal suggestions and the feelings tracker you will begin to reconnect to your body's communication signals. Adding simple exercises that easily incorporate into your existing routine will make this often daunting process feel playful and empowering.


Perimenopause Tool Kit:

Embrace Pleasure & Expand Your  Power

Experience perimenopause feeling powerful and sexy with this multi-media course. You will learn how to fully embrace your body and command your mind. When your mind and body reconnect you know how to compose yourself through the hormone shifts (i.e. mood swings and hot flashes) with grace and ease and that is powerful and sexy!


VIP Package:

3 Month Mind & Body Healing

Harness Your Power to Create a Life You Love

This one to one guidance and healing experience will reconnect you to your power to shape your body and your life. The traditional approach of nutrition support and toning exercises are combined with a unique blend of neuroscience, nervous system regulation, and somatic movement to rewire your mind and body to EASILY make the choices that serve you, making you unstoppable!