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Your body is how you experience this life. When you learn how to properly care for it, your experience of life is more full and vibrant. Many of us were not properly taught how to care for our bodies or learn it's communication to us. We were shown tactics of deprivation that inevitably failed leaving us feeling confused and defeated. Feeling as if we are rolling a boulder up hill that continues to get heavier each year, no wonder we are exhausted!

I feel so strongly about this generation of women healing their relationship with food, their body, and their worth that I have made it my life’s work. I know what it's like to struggle with this and I know how liberating it feels to harness your power to create a life and body you love!

The Evolve Method

What if I told you there was a way to experience a life that felt both balanced and abundant? A way to feel confident, calm and in control? Would you be curious?

If so, I got you!

The Evolve Method reprograms your behavior patterns to heal your relationship with food and your body.

In working with women one-on-one for more than two decades, I recognize the behavioral patterns that stop most of us from achieving our visions for ourselves and our lives. After extensive research, personal trial and error, and facilitating years of one-to-one coaching, I have reverse-engineered a system to address these struggles at their root.

The Evolve Method blends two decades of knowledge and practical application, distilled into a system that gives you maximum results in the least amount of time. You will learn how to reconnect your body and mind and have them work together to create a life you love… the life you desire but always felt out of reach, UNTIL NOW! 


The six pillars of the course build upon themselves to make this emotionally charged process feel safe and manageable.

The six pillars of 

The Evolve Method:


Define the behaviors you want to change

  • Clarify your vision of how you want to look and feel
  • Define your WHY - the motivation behind your vision
  • List the behaviors that are keeping you stuck


Explore the motivation behind the behaviors

  • Examine your inherited beliefs and habits about food
  • Examine your inherited beliefs and habits about caring for your body
  • Recognize your triggers - food, environment, and time


Heal your relationship with food

  • Reframe your experience of food from inherited habits to choices that serve you
  • Redefine food as a fuel rather than a coping mechanism
  • Learn how to properly fuel your body with nutritious and delicious food


Rebuild your relationship with your body

  • Balance your emotions through Nervous System Regulation
  • Learn how to identify your feelings within your body and process them through somatics
  • Override your old stories and author new meanings that serve you


Create new behaviors that serve you

  • Create micro habits that support your Nervous System and move you towards your goal
  • Plan for pivots and reconnect to your sense of desire


Integrate new behaviors into your routine

  • Implement your new micro habits through habit stacking
  • Iterate upon your behaviors for continued evolution


  • Workbook to expedite and integrate your progress on a cellular level

  • Nutritious and delicious meal ideas

  • Easy at home exercises for your mind, body, and soul

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